About the Journal

Patient Safety (online ISSN 2641-4716, print ISSN 2689-0143) is the peer-reviewed journal of the Patient Safety Authority, an independent state agency that collects reports of patient safety events from Pennsylvania healthcare facilities. Launched in 2019, the journal publishes four issues per year: March, June, September, and December. Note: Articles accepted for publication do not necessarily reflect practices or opinions endorsed by the Patient Safety Authority.

The Authority’s mission is to improve the quality of healthcare in Pennsylvania, and beyond, by collecting and analyzing patient safety information, developing solutions to patient safety issues, and sharing this information through education and collaboration. This journal supports those efforts as a venue by publishing open access, peer-reviewed articles highlighting original research, advanced analytics, and hot topics in healthcare.

The mission of this publication is to give clinicians, administrators, and patients everywhere the information they need to prevent harm and improve safety—including evidence-based, original research; editorials addressing current and sometimes controversial issues; and analysis of data from one of the world’s largest adverse event reporting databases. Patient Safety complies with the Patients Included™ journal charter, which requires at least two patient members on the editorial board; regular publication of editorials, reviews, or research articles authored by patients; and peer review by patients.

We invite you to submit manuscripts that align with our mission. We’re particularly looking for well-written original research articles, reviews, commentaries, case studies, data analyses, quality improvement studies, or other manuscripts that will advance patient safety.

Together we can save lives.