Healthcare in Prison: An Inside Look



Often depicted in films and television, much of what the general population knows about prison—particularly the infirmaries—comes from Hollywood. Patient Safety managing editor, Caitlyn Allen, sat down with Erica Benning, Bureau of Healthcare director for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PA DOC), to discuss healthcare delivery for almost 40,000 incarcerated individuals: what can be done in-house, how her team handles inmates with mental illness, their COVID response, and more.

Author Biographies

Caitlyn Allen, MPH, Patient Safety Authority

Caitlyn Allen ( is director of Engagement for the Patient Safety Authority and managing editor for Patient Safety, the PSA’s peer-reviewed journal. Before joining the PSA, she was the project manager for Patient Safety at Jefferson Health, where she also was the only nonphysician elected to serve on the House Staff Quality and Safety Leadership Council. Previously, Allen also was a project manager and patient safety officer for Wills Eye Hospital.

Erica Benning, MBA, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

Erica Benning serves as the director of Healthcare for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. She is responsible for the administration of daily and long-term health and wellness services for almost 40,000 incarcerated individuals in Pennsylvania. Benning earned her Bachelor of Science degree in finance from Penn State University and a Master of Business Administration with a focus on healthcare administration from the Jack Welch Management Institute.

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