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  • Regina Hoffman, MBA, RN Patient Safety Authority


I can’t believe it’s been a year since we launched the inaugural issue of Patient Safety. Over the course of the past year Patient Safety has reached almost 29,000 readers from around the world. We’d like to thank all our authors, reviewers, readers, and staff for contributing to this success. We continue to focus on publishing information that both advises and inspires providers and patients to take action to improve patient safety. We encourage researchers, clinicians, and patients everywhere to share their successes, their challenges, and their stories with us so we can share them with you.

Today, September 17, we celebrate World Patient Safety Day with all patients, healthcare workers, and healthcare organizations. This issue features an interview with Dr. Tejal Gandhi and Dr. Jeff Brady, who discuss the recently released National Action Plan for Patient Safety in the United States and share their personal views on its background and importance. I had the honor and privilege of being part of the team that developed this guiding document, and while I am proud of the work, it underscores the challenging road that lies ahead and the need to work in alliance with each other. Together we can make a difference, and we need to start right now. From culture and leadership to learning organizations and workforce safety, this plan encompasses real actions that healthcare facilities can take today to reduce harm to patients.

In further support of global patient safety, you will find an old topic in this issue with a fresh twist: authors Caitlyn Allen and Susan Wallace take you on a trip around the world in search of innovative solutions to patient falls. In this issue we also include a very timely original article that discusses process breakdowns that can lead to failure to recognize, treat, and prevent the spread of respiratory infections. In the time of COVID-19 and with flu season quickly approaching, the recommendations in this manuscript are critical to keeping some of our most vulnerable patients safe. You will also find two unique perspective pieces related to the current pandemic, one from a patient who discusses his illness and recovery, and one from a social worker who brings attention to another danger during periods of isolation—intimate partner violence. Other highlights from this issue include an original article that explores nonsuicidal self-injury among children and adolescents, and an inspiring piece that introduces us to a high schooler who has her eye on the prize of making the world a safer place!

If you have research, improvement initiatives, or perspectives that contribute to our collective knowledge, please consider submitting your next manuscript to Patient Safety at patientsafetyj.com.

Stay safe and be well!

Regina Hoffman



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Letter From the Editor
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