“I Am the Zebra”: One woman’s five-year quest for the truth


  • Missy Adams
  • Solomon Adams


How many times do you think you could tell people a story about your life before eventually feeling as if you’re making it up? You know it’s true, yet you have this out-of-body experience where you hear yourself telling the story and wonder, “Is that really how it happened?” Add in that no one else was around to experience this event and, well, you’re left hoping your mind isn’t tricking you.

Author Biographies

Missy Adams

Missy Adams is currently a stay-at-home mom to her three children (Maxwell, 10; Eleanor, 3; and Penny, 2) and is expect-ing her fourth child this August. She also owns an at-home bak-ing business and travels to Walt Disney World as often as possible.

Solomon Adams

Solomon Adams is Missy’s hus-band and parent to Maxwell, Eleanor, and Penny. He is an assistant professor of phar-macogenomics at Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy at Shenandoah University, where he teaches and studies genetic components of drug response. He also frequently travels to Walt Disney World.


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Missy Adams Patient Commentary



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