Onward and Upward: The Future of Nursing Education





As nurses around the globe battled COVID, one inconvenient truth became glaring: There were not enough nurses to provide care. And those shortages will only get worse. Now that we have emerged from the pandemic, nurse educators have become more important than ever. What does future curricula look like? How can technology augment training and staffing? How can we ensure the next generation of nurses is dynamic enough for whatever might come their way? Patient Safety managing editor, Caitlyn Allen, sat down with Cedar Crest College senior instructor Eileen Fruchtl to learn more.

Author Biographies

Eileen Fruchtl, MSN, Cedar Crest College

Eileen Fruchtl (ejfrucht@cedarcrest.edu) is a senior instructor and director of the Accelerated BSN track at Cedar Crest College. She worked in critical care and medical-surgical units for over 20 years and now teaches in the medical-surgical specialty. She enjoys spending time with her family and pets, backyard bird-watching, and section hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Caitlyn Allen, MPH, Patient Safety Authority

Caitlyn Allen (caiallen@pa.gov) is director of Engagement for the Patient Safety Authority and managing editor for Patient Safety. Before joining the PSA, she was the project manager for Patient Safety at Jefferson Health, where she also was the only nonphysician elected to serve on the House Staff Quality and Safety Leadership Council.

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Fruchtl, E., & Allen, C. (2022). Onward and Upward: The Future of Nursing Education. Patient Safety, 4(4), 42–47. https://doi.org/10.33940/interview/2022.12.5
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