From 18 Holes to 18 Steps: One New Yorker’s Journey Surviving COVID-19


  • Neil Sidrane


The first confirmed case of COVID-19 in New York was on March 1. Forty-one days later, on Saturday, April 11, I was among 9,946 New Yorkers to test positive, joining the 180,458 others across the state who had gone before us. The following Tuesday, following two trips to urgent care, an ambulance ride to the ER, and supplemental oxygen, I was admitted to the hospital. But let me back up.

My wife, Risa, and I own a printing business on Long Island that my parents started in the 40s. Since then, it’s expanded from mostly labels and now includes food, beverage, and medical device packaging—all of which were considered “essential” during the pandemic. When the case count started to rise, the governor began issuing lockdowns. But those products allowed us to continue operation and help our employees weather the growing financial tempest.

We had to make difficult decisions on how to balance maintaining production and keep everyone safe.

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