Our Best Shot: Bridging the Gap in the Vaccine Divide


  • Caitlyn Allen, MPH Patient Safety Authority




Infection preventionist, JoAnn Adkins; psychologist, Dr. Lily Brown; and mother of a son with autism, Susan Senator, share their insights into how vaccines work, how to recognize when anxiety may be clouding our judgment, and how both sides of the vaccine debate can finally have a real—and productive—conversation.

Author Biography

Caitlyn Allen, MPH, Patient Safety Authority

Caitlyn Allen (caiallen@pa.gov) is director of Engagement for the Patient Safety Authority and managing editor for Patient Safety, the PSA’s peer-reviewed journal. Before joining the PSA, she was the project manager for Patient Safety at Jefferson Health, where she also was the only nonphysician elected to serve on the House Staff Quality and Safety Leadership Council. Previously, Allen also was a project manager and patient safety officer for Wills Eye Hospital.

Two women cartoon characters standing on cliffs, one with a syringe (vaccine) in her hand.



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Allen, C. (2021). Our Best Shot: Bridging the Gap in the Vaccine Divide. Patient Safety, 3(1), 34–41. https://doi.org/10.33940/interview/2021.3.3
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