Hanging by a Thread


  • Caitlyn Allen, MPH Patient Safety Authority




Healthcare in the United States: Who’s really pulling the strings? Wendell Potter, former health insurance executive turned whistleblower, shares how the American people are being misled, signs a news story is just well-concealed propaganda, and how recognizing it as such is vital to making healthcare safer.

Author Biography

Caitlyn Allen, MPH, Patient Safety Authority

Caitlyn Allen (caiallen@pa.gov) is director of Engagement for the Patient Safety Authority and managing editor for Patient Safety, the PSA’s peer-reviewed journal. Before joining the PSA, she was the project manager for Patient Safety at Jefferson Health, where she also was the only nonphysician elected to serve on the House Staff Quality and Safety Leadership Council. Previously, Allen also was a project manager and patient safety officer for Wills Eye Hospital.

Man with two puppets hanging from strings, one a patient, the other a doctor



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Allen, C. (2021). Hanging by a Thread. Patient Safety, 3(1), 84–89. https://doi.org/10.33940/interview/2021.3.9
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