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Vol. 2 No. 1 (2020): Patient Safety — March 2020
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A new issue of our journal, Patient Safety, is now available! Read the March 2020 edition online at no charge or download a PDF version at

Each issue of Patient Safety brings you the latest evidence-based research and data analytics, interviews with healthcare experts and advocates, thought-provoking editorials, and inspiring stories from patients and families. Our cover story, “I Am the Zebra,” is a patient commentary from Missy Adams and her husband, Solomon, detailing her long, difficult journey toward an accurate diagnosis.

In this issue we also hear from Mary Ellen Mannix, who shares the tragic story of her son James and how her efforts to understand what happened to him led her to speak up for other patients. Additional highlights: A practice improvement paper about an organization’s efforts to decrease medication errors related to patient weight discrepancies, a new safety self-assessment tool to help prevent vancomycin-related events, and a look at how safety is compromised when hospital equipment cannot accommodate obese patients. Members of the LGBTQ community tell us in their own words about their healthcare experiences and how we can provide safe care for all patients, and we celebrate the winners of the Patient Safety Authority’s 2020 I AM Patient Safety Awards.

Thank you to all our authors, peer reviewers, Patient Safety Authority staff, and editorial board members who help make this journal possible. Patient Safety is fully open access (no subscription fees or author fees), so please consider submitting an original manuscript to us.

There’s something in Patient Safety for everyone—healthcare workers, researchers, and patients alike. If you enjoy our journal, we appreciate you sharing it within your social circle, including friends, family, colleagues, students, and patients! Together we save lives.

Published: 2020-03-17

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Letter From the Editor

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Welcome to Patient Safety!

As the journal of the Patient Safety Authority, an independent agency of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania committed to the vision of “safe healthcare for all patients,” we publish open access, peer-reviewed articles highlighting original research, advanced analytics, and hot topics in healthcare.

Patients are at the heart of everything we do at the Authority. Recognizing and sharing patient experiences helps guide our efforts and inspire change, and we seek to engage patients in our work whenever possible. Patients provide their perspective in this journal not only as contributors, with a patient or family commentary in every issue, but also as members of the editorial board and trusted advisors.

With the best interest of patients always top of mind, the mission of this publication is to give clinicians, administrators, and patients the information they need to prevent harm and improve safety—including evidence-based, original research; editorials addressing current and sometimes controversial issues; and analysis of data from one of the world’s largest adverse event reporting databases. Patient Safety complies with the Patients Included™ journal charter, which requires at least two patient members on the editorial board; regular publication of editorials, reviews, or research articles authored by patients; and peer review by patients.

We invite you to submit manuscripts that align with our mission. We’re particularly looking for well-written original research articles, reviews, commentaries, case studies, data analyses, quality improvement studies, or other manuscripts that will advance patient safety.

Together we can save lives.